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Early Detection for a Healthier Tomorrow

In the shadow of diabetes lies the often silent, yet prevalent threat of kidney disease. We're redefining the fight against diabetes-related kidney disease (DKD), shifting from unnoticed risk to empowered, strategic prevention with our pioneering technology. By identifying those at risk up to 12 years before signs or symptoms appear, we empower patients and providers with the insights needed for early, life-changing interventions.



A Digital Hub for Intelligent Care

Compass isn't just a digital platform; it's the intelligence that drives our insights. Powered by AI, Compass transforms intricate laboratory data into concise risk reports and personalized, actionable treatment options. Compass also serves as a central hub for both providers and patients, streamlining order and account management.



A powerful predictive Screening

NaviDKD is a clinically-validated, high-accuracy screening for DKD that requires just a small blood draw. Our CLIA-certified lab processes each sample, delivering critical risk stratification and actionable treatment options. Seamlessly integrated with Compass, NaviDKD not only informs but also guides the fight against DKD with precision and clarity.



Uncover DKD with the most advanced warning available.


EARLy intervention

Take early action to delay or prevent the progression of DKD, reducing the need for invasive treatments.


improved health

Pave the way to better health and quality of life through proactive and preventive care.



Achieve financial benefits by avoiding expensive complications and minimizing healthcare expenses.

Why It Matters

One in three individuals with diabetes will develop kidney disease, burdening our healthcare system with over $40 billion annually (and another $30B for dialysis). Most cases are diagnosed at advanced stages, making it difficult to stop progression. Early detection of at-risk patients can delay or prevent DKD, improving outcomes and saving billions in healthcare expenses.


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