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Pinpoint Early Kidney Risk in Diabetes Care

NaviDKD® is a blood test that predicts kidney disease risk in diabetes patients years before symptoms appear. Provide tailored care, increase treatment adherence, and improve patient outcomes. Sign up for early access today.

Pinpoint Early Kidney Risk in Diabetes Care

NaviDKD® is a blood test that predicts kidney disease risk in diabetes patients years before symptoms appear. Provide tailored care, increase treatment adherence, and improve patient outcomes. Sign up for early access today.
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Helping Top Providers Tackle Diabetes-Related Kidney Disease 

1 in 3 diabetes patients develops kidney disease, often diagnosed at stage 3 or later, leading to serious treatments like dialysis or transplant.

NaviDKD is the proactive solution for early detection. This simple blood test empowers you to:

  • Identify at-risk patients years before symptom onset or changes in eGFR/uACR
  • Implement personalized prevention strategies based on risk level
  • Enhance patient engagement by demonstrating the necessity of interventions
  • Reinforce your recommendations with precise risk identification, especially when face-to-face time is limited
  • Help patients avoid complications and preserve quality of life

Proactive Care Made Simple

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Sign up now for priority access to this groundbreaking kidney disease risk assessment tool.

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Our online platform makes ordering a breeze. We guide you and your patients through every step of the order and blood draw process.
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Receive actionable insights and evidence-based recommendations with each test result, empowering you to optimize care plans without the guesswork.

The Benefits of NaviDKD for Healthcare Professionals

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Early Detection for Better Outcomes

Identify kidney disease risk years before symptoms appear for timely intervention and proactive care.

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Tailored Prevention Strategies

Precise risk assessmet enables personalized care plans with for effective patient management.

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Reduce Complications and Costs

Avoid serious complications and high costs by intervening early with evidence-based strategies.

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Enhance Patient Engagement

Boost adherence with clear, data-driven insights that highlight the need for recommended interventions.

We understand the challenges you face on the front lines of diabetes care.

Despite your tireless efforts, complications like kidney disease can still arise, which can be frustrating and overwhelming.

Our founder, Dr. Paul Beisswenger, experienced these same challenges as an endocrinologist. That’s why he developed NaviDKD: to give you an early warning system for kidney complications. This innovative test identifies risk years before symptoms appear, allowing for proactive care.

We know your time with patients is limited and you face constant pressure to meet organizational metrics. NaviDKD provides precise risk assessments and actionable insights, helping you manage these demands effectively. Our team is here to support you and your patients every step of the way.

Sign up for early access to NaviDKD today and take your diabetes care to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find answers to common questions about NaviDKD. If you need further assistance, our team is just an email away at We're committed to providing you with the information and support you need, every step of the way.

Who can be screened with NaviDKD?

Patients 18 or older with diabetes (type 1, type 2, or LADA) and an eGFR of 80 or greater can be screened using NaviDKD.

How do I screen my patients with NaviDKD?

Join the waitlist. Once available in your area, our team will notify and assist you in completing the order and arranging a blood draw for your patients.

When will screenings be available?

We expect new availability by Fall 2024. You’ll receive updates as soon as it’s accessible in your area.

What can be done for patients identified as at-risk by NaviDKD?

Each NaviDKD result includes personalized recommendations based on the patient's risk level and diabetes type. For Type 1 diabetes patients, recommendations may suggest using advanced diabetes technology and making lifestyle changes. For Type 2 diabetes patients, recommendations may focus on blood pressure control, glucose monitoring, and medication adjustments.

These recommendations help clinicians make informed changes to care plans and motivate patients to engage with their treatment. Our team is here to support you and your patients every step of the way, from interpreting results to creating personalized strategies for long-term success.

What payment options are available for my patients?

We are actively working to expand insurance coverage for NaviDKD. To help us prioritize and streamline the screening process for your patients, please provide details about the insurance plans your office commonly accepts. You can submit this information through our secure online form or contact our support team for assistance. In the meantime, cash pay options will also be available, and NaviDKD is eligible for FSA or HSA reimbursement.

How does NaviDKD work and what does it measure?

NaviDKD measures three advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that are linked to kidney disease progression in people with diabetes. By combining these biomarkers with other health information like diabetes type, age, gender, length of diabetes diagnosis, A1c, and eGFR, NaviDKD assigns a precise risk score for each patient. 

To learn more about the science behind NaviDKD, visit and review our publications.

How accurate is NaviDKD in predicting kidney disease risk?

NaviDKD uses biomarkers researched over 40+ years to assess the risk of developing kidney disease over the next 8-12 years, with 91% sensitivity and 94% specificity.

How long does it take to receive NaviDKD test results?

Results are typically available within 5-7 business days after the blood sample is collected.

Do my patients still need regular kidney function tests if they use NaviDKD?

Yes, NaviDKD complements routine kidney screenings (eGFR and uACR tests) by providing early risk detection. Continue standard labs for routine monitoring, and consider repeating NaviDKD every 1-5 years based on the patient's risk level—less often for low-risk patients and more frequently for those with elevated or high risk.

Take the Next Step in Proactive Diabetes Care

Join our waitlist today and bring the power of early kidney disease detection to your practice. With a simple blood test, NaviDKD helps you identify risk before symptoms appear, empowering you to deliver personalized, preventative care.

Sign up now and lead the way in advanced diabetes management.