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With a scientific foundation grounded in years of rigorous research led by our visionary co-founder, we are committed to developing preventive solutions for better diabetes health.

From Curiosity to Innovation

The origin of Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Our story begins with Dr. Paul Beisswenger, MD, our esteemed co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer. Throughout his remarkable career as an endocrinologist, researcher, and educator, he was driven by a curiosity to discover why some diabetes patients experienced complications while others did not. This tireless pursuit of knowledge led him to uncover groundbreaking insights into pivotal predictive biomarkers, forming our very foundation.


The Pivotal Role of AGEs

At the core of our discovery lies the pivotal role of AGEs. We have identified three specific AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) that are proven predictors of kidney disease onset in individuals with diabetes.



Increased levels of AGEs are strongly associated with the natural aging process and the onset of many diseases, including DKD.



AGEs build up as a result of consistently elevated glucose levels and/or the consumption of foods that are rich in AGEs.


precise risk assessment

By measuring AGEs, we can pinpoint individuals with a genetic predisposition for kidney disease, enabling precise identification and timely proactive interventions.

Clinical Studies

The studies below have established and validated the critical association between AGEs and the onset of kidney disease in people with diabetes. If you're interested in collaborating on a new study, get in touch with us!


AGEs: Key Predictors of Renal Decline in Type 2 Diabetes

This study explored how AGEs forecasted renal function decline in type 2 diabetes patients, emphasizing their significant link to chronic kidney disease.


AGEs' Evolving Role in Type 1 DKD Progression

This research investigated the role AGEs played in predicting advanced diabetic kidney disease in type 1 diabetes, providing early diagnostic insights.


AGEs' Correlation with Diabetic Kidney Lesions: Insights from American Indian Cases

This study revealed strong connections between specific AGEs and kidney damage, highlighting their predictive power in an American Indian cohort with type 2 diabetes.


Methylglyoxal AGEs: Key Indicators in Diabetic Nephropathy's Onset

An examination into three major AGEs revealed their significance as early indicators in DKD progression.

Science Overview

Download our overview for a concise summary of our scientific foundation, the critical role of AGEs, and a digest of our clinical studies with key findings.


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