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Shifting the Future of Care

 At Journey Biosciences, we're revolutionizing the diabetes journey with personalized, proactive solutions. Explore NaviDKD®, our cutting-edge screening tool, leading the fight against diabetes-related kidney disease (DKD) and pioneering a healthier tomorrow.

Our Vision

We see a world where advanced healthcare solutions are accessible to all, transcending barriers and inequalities. A future where information empowers individuals, enabling them to take control of their health with confidence. Our relentless pursuit of this vision is fueled by our passion for innovation and our dedication to delivering value to every life touched by diabetes. Together, we are leading the charge towards a healthier tomorrow, where preventive care is not a privilege, but a standard for all.

Prevent Diabetes-Related Kidney Disease with NaviDKD® and Compass™

NaviDKD®, in partnership with Compass, our cutting-edge AI platform, offers a pivotal risk assessment for DKD. By detecting risk up to 12 years in advance of signs or symptoms, this innovative solution grants the precious gift of time — a valuable opportunity for healthcare providers to intervene early and positively transform a patient's health journey. 


Driven by Science

Our scientific quest was sparked by a pivotal question: "Why do diabetes complications vary so greatly among individuals with similar HbA1c levels?"  This question propelled us into years of intensive biomarker research, guiding our team to identify a specific set of indicators critical to understanding disease progression.

Start Your Journey

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